Fresh Pear

Types of Fresh Pear


Korean Pear &
Western Pear

Western Pear

Same name

Same color

Less sweet

Less crispy

Soft buttery texture

Shaped like calabashes


Korean Pear

Same name

Same color



Soft buttery texture

Shaped like apples


In fact Korean pears are the first fresh food export item to gain ESMA Halal-certification as issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology.

Did you know that Korean Jinju Pear are halal?

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Efficacy of Korean Pear
Guardian of respiratory health

Pears contain luteolin, which is effective in preventing cough, phlegm, bronchitis and asthma. It prevents and relieves cold symptoms in the change of seasons and winter as well as chronic cough. Since Korean pears are cultivated in an eco-friendly way, they are rich in various functional materials including luteolin.

Beat hangover and fatigue

Pears contain amino acids, a type of sugar that is beneficial to relieve fatigue. Also, it detoxifies alcohol in the body, which helps beat hangovers. In particular, Korean pears are juicy and high in sugar content, so they are tasty as well as functional.

Lower fever and sooth abdominal pain

Pears are high in digestive enzymes, including oxytase and inverstase, which soothe abdominal pain. Pears have a cold nature, so they can lower fever in the body. Pears can also hydrate the body because they are high in water content. 


Pear Production Districts

Korean pears are grown in cooperation with excellent nature, farmer’s technical skills and cutting-edge information and communication technologies (ICT). Farmers can easily check information about the growth and development of pears as well as weather, diseases and pest with a smartphone and manage the quality of pears using a quality control system for their growth and development.

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